I never set out to be a Radio Presenter
,but I’ve always had a passion for 60’s music.
My youngest daughter was involved for twenty years with our Local Radio Station and the Station Manager
was a familiar face. He invited me to join his team of Radio Presenters.

On Day One, I entered this ‘Real LIVE Radio Station’ and I was in shock.
I’d never seen so many microphones, two turntables, a double CD player and this huge mixing desk.
This bright red thing that lit up on the wall which said ‘ON AIR’, yes shock doesn’t even begin to cover it!
I instantly knew I was out of my depth! To be honest, I felt like running away.
I returned to the Studio – Krystal Radio, with a little more gusto.
Clutching my ‘PLAY LIST’ that I’d prepared and my CD’s, my second attempt was more productive and I felt slightly more confident.

Well Folks, I’ve clocked up five years with Krystal Radio and I think I’m getting the hang of Radio Presenting now. LOL.
Over the past three years, I have been approached by other Radio Stations, to join them too!
I currently broadcast on 14 Radio Stations and have a following of regular listeners who join me on my FB Chat page every week.
I started with just the 60’s, but the Listeners were requesting some 50’s and some 70’s as well, so my show is 50’s 60’s and 70’s.
Radio Presenting is my hobby, it is unpaid work and I do this voluntary. If I could turn back the clock,
I’d have done Radio Presenting a long time ago. Hollyj Jones